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Who are the people who come to Chelsea Community Church? Only some are the mainline Protestants expected; some are Roman Catholics, several have very little religious background of any kind. We’re often people who haven’t been to church in quite a while, who resist a defined denominational identity, rigid doctrine or creed—people who are somewhat skeptical of “organized religion.”

We are singles and couples, younger and older, well-off and poor, liberals and conservatives, straight and gay, skeptics and firm believers. At her first time as lay leader, Kathy Reid added “…or of uncertain faith” to the announcement that Chelsea Community Church is “for people of any faith.” It stuck and has been used ever since.

We are people who seek answers and a freedom to question, who welcome a diversity of viewpoints and Biblical reference points and who find our searching more meaningful together than as individuals. We are also a caring congregation, both helping one another and reaching out to the wider community. Everyone is needed and important.

In part because of the transient nature of the New York City population, we are sometimes an “interim church” to people who come to worship with us and then move – geographically or spiritually – back to an earlier tradition,on to a new one or find other spiritual paths.

Formal written-in-the-book membership began with seven in 1977; since then, 84 others have joined at special Membership Day services. In addition, a number have been baptized or dedicated here.